Easter Crafts: Basket Weaving

According to folklore, on the eve before Easter Sunday, a giant bunny rabbit – known best as the Easter Bunny – goes around a house, a garden or even an entire village. In its wake, the Easter Bunny leaves gifts for the residents of wherever it has been; namely chocolate eggs, left in a wicker basket, to signify the arrival of spring.

This, of course, is a golden opportunity for anyone who enjoys crafting at home. While the Easter Bunny is nothing but a legend, the concept has caught on – and many parents like to set up ‘Easter hunts’ for their children. By purchasing a small amount of chocolate confectionery eggs, you can be your very own Easter Bunny, and allow your children the enjoyment of discovering their treats on Easter morning.

Where does this tie in with crafting? The baskets of course! Easter related crafts usually center around the baskets which contain the chocolate goodies, and for excellent reasons. For one thing, few but the most experienced of crafters have ever tried their hand at making reed baskets, so you can add a new string to your crafting bow – and then have an immediate use on Easter Sunday for what you produce. You can buy basket-weaving kits from the usual craft stores and online, allowing you to produce a truly personal surprise for those on the hunt for gifts from the Easter Bunny.

It’s not just the structure itself of the basket that matters, either. Go crazy with ribbons, tassels and all other manner of adornments for your basket. Experiment with different looks, from sleek and sophisticated to bright and fun, and soon you’ll find Easter crafts are as enjoyable as their Christmas counterparts.

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